Volume IV

by Volume IV

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released March 15, 2013

All songs : Joe Carpenter - 2012 BMI

Recorded and Mixed by : Neil Yearta
Added bass tracks : Neil Yearta



all rights reserved


Volume IV Atlanta, Georgia

Joe Carpenter - Guitar/Vocal
Blake Parris - Bass

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Track Name: Wager
Laid you down to sleep
Another secret keeps
Another barter for your soul

Stand behind your gun
Ain't no place to run
Another bullet for the hole

Crawling underneath
Black behind your teeth
Soon the demons get us all
Track Name: KONG
A semi rolling over like a devil with an attitude
Just when you think I'm down I'll show you what I'm gonna do
Guns are blazing and I'm phasing out the parasites
Scope is focused and I see you standing in my sights

First hand down

Never over til it's over and it's ending now
Final page in my rage so don't look down
My feet are planted on the path of the righteous man
Trying hard to be the shepherd don't you understand

First hand down
Track Name: In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king
Dip your soul into my chemical and let the world go
When you bleed everything I need I can set you free
Hey mama can you feel that karma coming back on live
In the land of the blind I think you'll find the one eyed...king

Sift your hands thru the shifting sands of a new day
Every grain leaves a stain you'll never wash away
Hey baby do you think that maybe you would like to know
Why you feel so cold when you're bought and sold...I didn't think so

Cashing in on the nexus
Monolithic and infectious
Track Name: Poison Holy Water
Devils undermine you
Angels so decline you
No one there to see you crawl

Children are all sleeping
Death is slowly creeping
Soon his hand will reach us all

Fathers, Sons and Daughters
Poison holy water
You fall

Nightmares are awakened
Bloody hands are shaking
Jesus cannot save your soul

Prophets all betray you
Hands and knees still pray you
And deeper down you dig your hole

Fathers, Sons and Daughters
Poison holy water
You fall